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Nutrition Counseling


What is Eastern Nutrition Counseling?  

Hippocrates put it best: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Eastern nutrition shares the same philosophy of using food as medicine. Meet with Erica to discuss the foods you should be incorporating into your daily meals to impact your health in a positive manner.  Learn and explore the qualities of whole foods, as well as how to coordinate your diet to stimulate healing by strengthening, rebuilding and balancing the body. By eating and digesting the foods your body needs, your optimal health, harmony and transformation can occur. 



What to expect? 

Each eastern nutrition consultation lasts approximately 30-60 minutes.  The timeframe varies due to your health concerns and health history.  In the session, we will begin with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) intake.  Once that is completed and a TCM diagnosis has been made, we will have a discussion to determine the best course of treatment for that day, what your goals and are how we can try to achieve those goals.  


Next, Erica will recommend foods that should be incorporated into your life and provide a recommended meal plan that includes places to buy the foods (if they cannot be bought at traditional grocery stores), meal frequency and portion sizes.  Erica will follow-up with you throughout the week(s) for further support.  It is best if you can bring in a food journal that covers one week.  This should include everything you eat and drink, the times at which you eat and drink, the dates, the portion sizes and what you are feeling when you are eating or drinking.  It is also helpful if you know your blood type.




The results of eastern nutrition will vary depending on the intention of the consultation.  Some people have better digestion, an increase in energy and weight issues balanced.  However, at A Right Path Wellness, it is believed that countless health issues can be targeted.  Some patients feel immediate relief from their health issues and sometimes it takes time to start peeling the layers away.  Treatment results are cumulative.  The more consistent you are about following your treatment plan, the faster results will be noticed.  Generally, the analogy of an onion is used.  Layers need to be peeled away to resolve the root problem and why the health issues are present.


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