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Conscious Care


What is Conscious Care?  

Conscious CareTM is conscious based healthcare.  It is a comprehensive healing system that helps create health, harmony and transformation on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  The philosophy behind Conscious Care is that thoughts become beliefs, beliefs turns into energy, energy transforms into emotions and emotions manifest into disease.  By integrating a new intention and releasing blockages, the client is filled with a healing vibration.  This modality can help physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.



What to expect? 

Each Conscious Care session last approximately 60-90 minutes. The time of treatments may vary each session, depending on what needs to be energetically cleared. In the session, you will remained fully clothed (best to wear loose and comfortable clothes). You will lay comfortably on a massage table in a warm, peaceful and private treatment room.

You can listen to relaxing and soothing music. You may also request no music and enjoy some quiet time. Communication is important. Always feel free to tell Erica what you need, so your treatment is the best experience possible.


Erica will begin by using muscle testing or kinesiology to determine where there are blockages and then can help clear those obstructions by incorporating over 20 healing modalities. This allows all bodily systems and energies within the body to flow smoothly and respond the way that they were intended. Erica will read specific scripts to facilitate the process.

Conscious Care requires the client to participate by repeating specific sentences, visualization techniques and hands movements to help the clearing process and to integrate new, healthy and positive energy within themselves.




The results of a Conscious Care session will vary depending on the healing intention.  Some people feel relax, some feel energized and have reported feeling the “weight of the world off of their shoulders.”  Come in today to experience the benefits of this powerful technique.  Erica is one of the few certified in Conscious Care in the United States.


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