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"Receiving acupuncture from Erica has been a transformative experience.  I used to view aspects and symptoms of my physical, mental and emotional health as separate from one another.  Erica has helped me to better understand the patterns of my body and the connections among the symptoms I experience.  The acupuncture treatments have brought my body and emotional state into greater balance and harmony.  As a practitioner, Erica is extremely professional, compassionate, sincere and knowledgeable.  I feel tremendous trust and respect for her.  Her approach to our communication and treatments has invited me to recognize the healing potential of my own body, and that my actions and beliefs are significant to my health outcomes.  I feel that Erica is not just my practitioner, but a partner and companion on my healing journey."
- J.S. Milwaukee, Wisconsin




"The first time I received acupuncture treatment from Erica, I knew that she was very skilled at the work that she does.  During the session I was able to relax and let go of stress and worries that I had not realized that I had been holding on to.  With the combination of the reiki offered at the session, I was on cloud nine!  Erica is skilled in her knowledge of her practice. She really takes an individualized approach to treatment for every patient, taking in all factors of a person's life to see how she can be most effective in helping the patient.  I have since highly reccomended Erica to everyone I know!"
- R.G. Milwaukee, Wisconsin




"I met Erica through my wife Monica.  I will admit, I was VERY skeptical of the idea, as I consider myself to be a "man's" man, i.e. rub dirt on it and it will be ok.  I was sold when I was about to get married, and my neck got so stiff, I could barely turn to look at my wife to be.  I had been that way for a few weeks before the wedding, so I went to get a massage....which made it way worse!  A week after the wedding Erica gave me a treatment...OH MY GOD!!! What a relief!!!  She explained to me how stress builds up in the body and how it manifests itself.  After further treatments I have started to understand what to do to keep myself healthy, both mentally and physically.  Thank you Erica!!!"
- D.Z. Germantown, Wisconsin




“The first time I was treated with Reiki-Infused Acupuncture, I felt the energy flowing through the needles.  Having had Acupuncture in the past, I was surprised at the vital energy I felt.  It was incredible to feel the two modalities (Acupuncture and Reiki) working together to produce significant results. The healing force felt multiplied.”
- C.K. Thiensville, Wisconsin




"Easily one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had.  Erica intuitively knew I was ready to go with Conscious Care and Acupuncture.  She supported in such an exquisite way."
- C.C. Milwaukee, Wisconsin




“I would like to thank Erica Zernzach Kobylarz and A Right Path Wellness for helping ease my wedding jitters.  Like most brides, I was a nervous wreck on my wedding day, and I was lucky enough to have an acupuncturist with me the day of.  I was privileged to have a session before the ceremony and the relaxation it provided enabled me to enjoy one of the most important days of my life.  You have a true gift Erica!"
- A.R. Appleton, Wisconsin



"I am a massage therapist and I came to see Erica after I injured my back.  I was in so much pain.  It hurt to sit, stand and lay down.  Erica was so kind and compassionate to my needs, I immediately felt at ease.  During the treatment, I could feel a shift happening in my body and almost immediately felt some relief.  Although my injury took some time to heal, I feel seeing Erica really helped speed up the healing process.  I recommend her to family, friends and clients."  
- T.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin



"I had been having digestive difficulties and it came to the point that I needed to do something about it.  Coming from a culture where there are various beliefs of healing, especially related to massage and herbs; I naturally was very curious about acupuncture.  Filled with curiosity, I went for my first session with Erica and it was very good; and especially when situations in my life began to be a bit more complicated, I found that my visits with Erica were my source of strength.  The complete holistic service that Erica provides through her sessions give me energy, helping my body to be in balance when my life, at times, may be far from that . I found peace in her way of conducting the sessions and I felt so good, relaxed, refocused and reenergized.  There is a gentleness in Erica, and through her dedication and focus in the sessions, she has a special way of making you feel as if you are the most important person in the world.  Erica says, “Remember the needles continue to work even though they are no longer in your body”, and I truly believe that the effects of acupuncture continue to work even after the sessions have ended.  Acupunture is a marvelous way of healing in a natural way.  Understanding that our bodies already possess the power of healing, but our busy and complicated lives can quickly put us out of balance leading to pain; it is a very important to know that through acupuncture we can restore the balance in our lives and help our body to work with energy and in the way it was meant to be."
- G.C.L Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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