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Patient Financial Policy
Our goal at A Right Path Wellness, LLC is to provide you with the highest quality health care in a friendly, safe and caring environment.  A Right Path Wellness, LLC is committed to maintaining the very highest standards of ethics and integrity.  A Right Path Wellness, LLC is committed to ensuring that all affairs are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  A Right Path Wellness, LLC is committed to the care and improvement of our patients. 

A Right Path Wellness, LLC considers you a partner in your own health care.  When you are well informed, when you participate in treatment decisions and when you communicate openly with your doctor and other healthcare professionals, you help make your care as effective as possible.  You have the right to consent to refuse a treatment as permitted by law, throughout your treatment. 

You have the right to privacy.
A Right Path Wellness, LLC will protect your privacy as much as possible as outlined in our Privacy Policy.  You are responsible for providing information about your health, including past illnesses, hospital stays, and use of medicine.  You are responsible for asking questions when you do not understand information or instructions.  If you believe you can’t follow through with your treatment, you are responsible for telling A Right Path Wellness, LLC.
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