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Health ~ Harmony ~ Transformation




  Erica M. Kobylarz
  Dipl.Ac, (NCCAOM),
  C.Ac. (514-55), MSOM,
  BS Nutrition &
  Reiki Master Teacher

Welcome to A Right Path Wellness.  Our mission is to restore Health and hope, create Harmony within your body-mind-spirit to activate our innate healing abilities and to empower our community to know Transformation is possible.  We are dedicated to the ultimate goal of providing A Right Path to a bright future of overall wellness, health and happiness.


By specializing in several holistic healing modalities, we can assist clients in achieving their wellness goals and preventing future health issues.  Countless health conditions may benefit from the natural healing services provided at A Right Path Wellness with a special emphasis on body pain, emotional health and fatigue.  To reach our goal of impacting the health of our community, A Right Path Wellness has made all treatments at an affordable rate.  Receiving a session with one of these ancient healing practices can be life-changing.





The Benefits of Acupuncture 



Research shows that acupuncture can trigger healing responses in most of the body's systems - the nervous system, musculo-skeletal system and hormonal system.  In addition, it also helps health conditions associated with circulation, immune and allergy response, as well as the respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.


Acupuncture is often used for:


•  Relieving pain

•  Increased mobility of joints

•  Quicker recovery from trauma or injury

•  Deeper and more restful sleep

•  Reduced nausea, gastritis and acid reflux

•  Stability of appetite

•  And much more!

•  Regulation of the digestive system

•  Balance of mood

•  Reducing stress and anxiety

•  Improved immune system function

•  Relief of allergies and hayfever

•  Gynecological disorders

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A Positive Experience


"Receiving acupuncture from Erica has been a transformative experience. As a practitioner, she is extremely professional, compassionate, sincere and knowledgeable. I feel tremendous trust and respect for her. I feel that Erica is not just my practitioner, but a partner and companion on my healing journey."


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